Alphaman Wiki

Attributes are your character's main stats. They are randomly generated at character generation.

They can be raised or lowered temporarily or permanently by eating berries.

Poison may temporarily lower some stats, especially Hit Points, Constitution, and Strength.

They randomly increase when your level increases.


  • Strength: Helps you do more damage in combat and carry more stuff. Lowered if you are fatigued.
  • Dexterity: Increases accuracy in combat. Lowered if you are carrying a lot of stuff.
  • Constitution: Increases hit points and provides poison resistance. Lowered by poison and sickness.
  • Radiation Resistance: Helps you resist hit point damage from radiation attacks and radioactive surroundings.
  • Mental Resistance: Resistance to mental attacks.
  • Intelligence: Your ability to figure out tech devices.

Secondary Attributes[]

  • Mutations
  • Hit Points. If they reach -1 or lower, you die.
  • Armor Class. The lower it is, the harder it is for monsters to hit you. Affected by tough skin (by berry or mutation), armor, and shields.
  • Fatigue. Carrying heavy objects, walking long distances, fighting things, and exerting yourself in general heightens Fatigue. A massage or certain berries can lower it immediately; otherwise, to lower fatigue, rest by staying in one place (the "." key). The more fatigued you are, the lower your Strength goes. If fatigue gets to Dead Tired, you are likely to pass out and sleep for a while (and are of course easy prey for wandering monsters).
  • Encumbrance. Determined by how much stuff you are carrying, and how big that stuff is. Higher encumbrance causes you to fatigue faster and lowers your dexterity. A pair of servo boots lowers encumbrance.
  • Experience. Kill monsters to gain XP; certain berries also raise or lower XP. When you die or win, you gain bonus XP for finishing castles, which matters only for the purposes of the high score list.
  • Level. Depends on XP. When you level up, you also gain a point in a primary attribute.