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Tricorder scan of the top floor of the Castaways' Fortress.

This is the third castle you should visit, the castaways' fortress. Here the impervious Gilligan holds an anti-viral serum you will need to ward off the effects of the Grinch's nerve toxin. It's not known what forces, if any, Gilligan is susceptible to. Consult the lore of the computer if you can.--Tape Recorder

What did the Skipper do with his hat?--Microcomputer/Computer Workstation/Supercomputer

The Castaways' Fortress is a castle your character must visit to retrieve the Keptibora Serum, which is held by Gilligan. It is always located in the middle of a body of water.

Reaching the Castaways' Fortress[]

There are several ways to reach the Castaways' Fortress:

  • Large Tech Devices: Rubber Raft, Wetsuit, or Hovercraft.
  • Teleportation by Monolith, or by the Teleportation mutation. Berries could work too, but teleport berries are random and could dump you into the water instead.
  • Swimming. Your character does not instantly die when entering the water, so it is theoretically possible to swim all the way to the Castaways' Fortress. You will need some way to remove fatigue--either a Massage Unit or a good supply of the relevant berries. Expect to fight at least one flock of sardines and several stronger enemies on the way.

Note that there is a Bamboo Raft at the top floor of the fortress (brown pound sign), which works like a Rubber Raft, so that if you teleported or swam, you have a way to return across the water.

Special monsters[]

Items of Interest[]