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This is the first castle that a player will visit.  It has five above-ground levels and five levels below the ground.  The bottommost or topmost level contains a number of Elvis Impersonators that must all be defeated before Elvis himself shows up to provide the player with a device that will help to defeat the Grinch.

Every Elvis Impersonator on the final level must be defeated before the actual Elvis arrives.  To tell them apart, remember that the real Elvis would remember the correct words to his songs.

Elvis Impersonators are identified on defeat. If you defeat the real Elvis, you'll get a message that "The King never dies", and he respawns somewhere on the level. Once you have killed all Elvis Impersonators, interact with the real Elvis.

If you're not up to snuff on your Elvis lyrics, you can simply kill every Elvis on the level, searching all hidden rooms and secret doors. The real Elvis will respawn, at which point you can talk to him.