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A Large Tech Device is an item found in the game. In general, they are more powerful, heavier and more cumbersome to carry, and produce more Device Components (with the Scientific Genius mutation) than Small Tech Devices. Just as with all tech devices, some will turn out to be useless or dangerous.

They are always depicted as light blue ASCII symbols.

Some Large Tech Devices cannot be brought into Castles or Ruins; currently these are known to include the Golf Cart and Safe.

Identifying Large Tech Devices[]

  • Starting out with a Large Tech Device identified
  • 'f'iguring it out, which is made easier by higher Intelligence. Some Large Tech Devices are harder to figure out than others. You may break a device if you are unsuccessful at figuring it out. Eating one type of berry temporarily makes it easier to figure out tech devices.
  • Finding information on by using an IBM Supercomputer, Computer Workstation, or microcomputer. These reveal fewer Large Tech Devices at a time than Small Tech Devices.

Large Tech Device Descriptions[]

  • Bulletproof Suit: Lowers your AC and reduces damage from kinetic attacks
  • Cabinet: Useless
  • Camoflage Suit: Makes you somewhat harder to detect
  • Cigarette Machine: Useless
  • Cloaking Device: Renders you temporarily invisible
  • Computer Workstation: Can reveal a plethota of useful information
  • Cyclotron: Just might win you the Nobel Prize in physics (the Nobel Prize, of course, being useless in this post-apocalyptic world)
  • Dialysis Machine: Will cure you and remove poison effects, tapeworms, etc
  • Displacer: Allows you to teleport over short distances
  • Golf Cart: Provides transportation at a faster pace than walking
  • Home Movie Projector: Will put creatures to sleep
  • Hovercraft: Provides very fast transportation over any terrain
  • Jackhammer: Can blast through walls, and is an effective weapon
  • Jetpack: Gives rapid movement for short periods of time
  • Kayak: Can be used to move through water
  • Kevorkian Machine: Useless
  • Laser Printer: Useless
  • Leafblower: Useless
  • Liposuction Device: Will remove an udder
  • Microwave Oven: Can prematurely ripen berries, and makes food tastier
  • Neutron Suit: Irradiates nearby critters each turn but hurts you somewhat
  • Pinstripe Suit: Gives added influence over robots when an ID card is used
  • Pogo Stick: Provides an alternative form of transportation
  • Porta-Potty: Useless
  • Prosthetic Leg: Useless
  • Radiation Suit: Will reduce the damage caused by radiation
  • Reflective Suit: Will reduce the damage caused by lasers
  • Repulsion Generator: Will prevent creatures from moving next to you. Creatures already next to you can continue to attack.
  • Rubber Raft: Can be used to move through water
  • Safe: Will protect up to 10 items, and can be left outside of castles
  • Sousaphone: Can make critters stand still, run away, become confused, etc
  • Still: Will distill berries to nectar, and nectar to extract
  • Tent: Will allow you to sleep in relative safety outdoors at night
  • Thermal Suit: Will reduce the damage caused by heat and cold
  • TK-5 AntiTank Gun: Is an extremely effective long-range weapon
  • Transmogrifier: Will polymorph creatures, and can change berry types
  • Wetsuit: Allows water movement, and will reduce acid and shock damage
  • Wide Screen TV: Can map levels in some of the special castles