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A Monolith is a stationary device found in the wilderness. It has a limited number of uses and, depending on the type of monolith, varied effects.

  • The Clinton Health Clinic - Provides stat boosts.
  • The IBM DX4 Supercomputer - Displays game data (hints, item information, identification of berries and tech devices).
  • Jeffrey Dahmer's Deli - Completely sates your hunger.
  • Jim Jones Juice Jamboree - Offers a selection of purple extracts, which may or may not be identified.
  • The Mark VI Teleporter Unit - Transports you anywhere on the map. There are several of them.
  • Tech Devices 'R' Us - Offers you tech devices.
  • Tonya Harding's Arms & Armor Emporium - Offers you weapons and armor.